Wednesday, February 09, 2005 How about if I talk real slow

(***Update: I forgot to link to Mr. Czerniak's website. This post below is responding to this post, and Mr.Czerniak responded here.)

Did I say Mr. Czerniak indicated the speech was bad? I don't recall. The point of making that statement was to show Mr. Czerniak that the contradiction he thinks he has found is an illusion. More below.

Why is this so? Because in his post Joe never said why President Bush's approval ratings went up. This is what Joe said:

Bush has an approval rating of 57%. Not bad... but I thought after that "horrible?" State of the Union speech he gave. Heh, maybe people do want to control their own lives and money... whoda thunk it?

Now Mr. Czerniak may draw whatever subtexts he wants from the text cited above, but he's drunk on scotch if he thinks this implies a contradiction held on Joe's part.

Now Mr. Czerniak has pointed to the last sentence and drawn an inference as to its meaning and then from that meaning juxtapose it to to this sentence in the paragraph Joe cited:

The [approval rating] increase appears to be related to the Iraqi elections...

Where is this contradiction Mr. Czerniak is harping upon? In some fantasy-land?

Perhaps what Joe meant was that President Bush's approval rating did not decline, therefore people were not displeased with the message of his State of the Union address. As a matter of fact, that seems the more plausible inference.

Mr. Czerniak has drawn his inferences from air and mist. Perhaps he should read Copi more closely.


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