Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Democrats and Modern Slavery

Thomas Sowell is on point once again in his recent post at Townhall.com. He has demonstrated why the Democrats and their power elite are manipulating black Americans for their own political agenda. (More Below)

Sowell says it bluntly, that Democrats have to keep blacks in a state of fear, he writes:

If the share of the black vote that goes to the Democrats ever falls to 70 percent, it may be virtually impossible for the Democrats to win the White House or Congress, because they have long ago lost the white male vote and their support among other groups is eroding. Against that background, it is possible to understand their desperate efforts to keep blacks paranoid, not only about Republicans but about American society in general.

This state of fear is reminiscent. of the same state of fear Democrats imposed on the blacks after the civil war. So it seems the Democrats are up to their old tricks again. Of course the Republicans are always branded as the "white-man's" party and as racists, a tactic that Sowell readily exposes, he writes:

Liberal Democrats, especially, must keep blacks fearful of racism everywhere, including in an administration whose Cabinet includes people of Chinese, Japanese, Hispanic, and Jewish ancestry, and two consecutive black Secretaries of State. Blacks must be kept believing that their only hope lies with liberals.

The liberals have fashioned a skewed reality out of misapplied historical facts, a sure trick of any proto-fascist organization where the memory hole has no cap. For instance, more Republicans voted for the Civil Rights act as opposed to Democrates, Sowell writes:

Moreover, contrary to political myth, a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. But facts have never stopped politicians or ideologues before and show no signs of stopping them now.

The Democrats have attempted to make themselves as the saviors of blacks but the Democratic party is the black man's greatest enemy. As Sowell says:

All black progress in the past must be depicted as the result of liberal government programs and all hope of future progress must be depicted as dependent on the same liberalism.

This is quite contrary to the facts.

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