Monday, December 13, 2004

Two articles that raised my brow...

Target targets Salvation Army - As long as I know, Salvation Army has always been outside Target during the holy-days, and messing with tradition like that just ticks my face right off.

Catalogue for Philanthropy in the United States - I find it amusing that "Red" states, which are considered more rural and poor, give more of a percentage than "Blue" states, which are considered higher-class, do when it comes to charity and philanthropy.

-- M

Peterson: Death!

Scott Peterson has been recommended by the Jury to receive the Death Penalty. Let the debate on the ultimate conservative quandary begin.

Need a Special Christmas Gift?

Ok... Generally I wouldn't do something like this. But this one got to me. If you need a special gift... for someone, or just in general want to do something kind... read this story and donate to the fund at the bottom... Im sure they even need kind words and prayers. ::Click for Special Story::

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Parents Need a license.

Alright, normally I would let our litigious society sue themselves into the ground, but this story did me in:Wal-Mart Suit. The problem isn't so much that some family is looking to make a quick buck, but that they in fact think they have been wronged and believe they are "doing the right thing" and are "responsible parents." Parents, REALLY should be required to get licensed to have kids, simply so we can strip them of their license and give their children to deserving people...
The story here is simple. Parents bought a CD and their 13yr old daughter played it and heard a bad word. To them it is worth $75,000. Let me repeat, their daughter heard a bad word on a cd, they want a down payment on a house.

My professor swore, do I get a job in the Whitehouse? WHO are these people and why do all the idiots get to make money from suing companies?
Lets listen to the dad and see his mindset: "I don't want any other families to get this, expecting it to be clean. It needs to be removed from the shelves to prevent other children from hearing it," said plaintiff Trevin Skeens of Brownsville. (From

Alright, so the parents bought the CD, didn't see the little sticker