Saturday, February 05, 2005


We all know that Blogging has hit it big time. That is a story of the past.
The new story is this: "When will some Blogs become "Credible" news sources?"

Michelle Malkin
wonders if Conservatives will have to break-down barriers in this medium, just like others.

She talks about "Blias"(My word for Blog Bias or when some source takes one blog over another based on bias and lies) in her most recent tag: "Google: Not so fair and balanced."

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I think we all know that certain sites are going to get more credibility from places like Google, before others. Blogs are a scary place... especially when it comes to "credibility issues."

Look at last weeks "Insta-Rage" incident.

I think Mrs. Malkin is right, in that it is probably wrong to consider the DU a news source, but at the same time, a few of the Blogs many of us would consider "news credible" could be suspect as well.

I am not going to name names, but I think for someone like Google, it is really difficult to have a team that sits and determines which BLOGS "make the cut." I would say "Of course throw Michelle and LGF in the mix as legitimate but Google has to look at the big picture, they have to have some possibly, and should err on the side of "NON-Admittance" as opposed to admittance.

But those are just my thoughts..

**UPDATE**: Several people have different takes on this.
Libertarian Girl actually agrees with me.
Say Anything also has a similar take.
Basil's Blog is the funniest though, he offered to become a NEWS WRITER for Michelle so that she can EDIT his stuff out of the news cycle and therefore have an EDITORIAL POLICY on actual NEWS.

Friday, February 04, 2005


So there is this stupid situation that occurred in the 'sphere (oh no, WHOM do I credit for that word?) not to long ago.
I found out about it on: WizBang!
Let me summarize it as such:

A 13yr old named Austin has a blog, and posts a picture that he got from another blog. He then HAPPENS to be read by a bunch of people and gets linked by InstaPundit.

From there, it gets ugly. This guy Jordan, from a Blog that I won't link cuz I think he has received enough traffic from this, complains FOR Matt (Blogs for Bush).

The contention wasn't even really the USE of the pic, or the non-credit, it was over the TRAFFIC that Austin "STOLE" from Matt. This happened because a "famous" blogger (Glenn Renyolds) posted it on InstaPundit. BLOG TRAFFIC STEALING? I don't think that could even be considered intellectual property?

The long and short of it is, some guy gets a little blog-sessive and freaks out on a 13yr old. It reminds me of some really weird Comic Book Convention where some kid comes up and buys the last of a "Rare comic" and some guy goes bonkers, or maybe one of those role playing tournaments like "Pokemon" or "Magic" where you see some 11 yr old beat a 25yr old and the older guy goes nuts and pulls out a rule book.

I am not saying that we shouldn't follow the "rules," I am all about rules. But where do we draw the line? and When do we choose what rules to follow? I know for a fact that all bloggers stretch the rules when it comes to COPYRIGHT, sure it's all fair use, but in doing so, we can't say it's ok for US in THIS instance, but not in THAT one.

Below are all the links to make sure I am not STEALING anything.

"Austins Blog"
"Blogs for Bush"
The Dictionary

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Importance of being a Democracy.

Before Christmas, the Wayne Review reported about the importance of the Ukrainian elections.

The Wayne Review wrote an editorial which stated:
"The situation in the Ukraine is not something remote and detached from what is going on in the rest of the world."

Many people scoffed at this, and some just glanced over it not giving it another thought.

This article: "Iran and China linked to Ukraine Missle Sales" may just explain how important that election was.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Captain Obvious Award

The Captain Obvious Award goes to...

Beautiful Atrocities has the best post, simple, short, and to the point...

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Ok the jokes are endless here, the obvious story line is just beyond comprehension. Did it really need to be said? I mean, this was a headline for a good 2 hours on

Obviously there will be some discussion as to the degree of what the affect will have, yet there is clearly and has always clearly been a causal link.

I know the left is good at Monday Morning Quarterbacking, well so is the right, but come on, is there really a contingent of people out there that read this story and said, "Wow, they are right, this might be bigger than Iraq, Haliburton and Oil!"? Is there?

Evil SUV's Strike AGAIN!!

Attention: ALL SUV owners... remove the engines of your SUV immediately.

SUV need to come with a warning that they make strike at any time and without cause or reason. Drivers are left helpless to their wanton bloodlust and thirst for death and destruction.

Michelle Malkins describes the SUV horrors.


I am smewhat at a loss, but then again, I shouldn't be considering the source.
"UN Delcares Sudan, Not a Genocide"

I am not quite sure what it is then? A civil war? This is the problem with the U.N., we know they are corrupt and dirty, so it's hard to say where their hands and pocket books are. Obviously not on the side of the group that is on the wrong end of the "Non Genocide."

NO RESPECT! (Dangerfield Style.)

I was thinking about the Iraqi elections.

Lots of people said we shouldn't be in Iraq. Their reasons varied. One strong argument MANY made, now I am sure many will claim they never used this argument, is that the people did not want us there and that we were evil occupiers.

I guess almost 8 Million people are wrong. They just figured maybe if they vote we will leave?

Anyways, the funniest thing I've seen so far has been on WIZBANG!

"We're Sorry!"

More behind the cut below...

I think this satire sums it up. There are and were a lot of people that didn't support this election process. Sure Iraq isn't "POOF!" a magical democracy or republic. We aren't talking Club Med. But WMD's, suppression of tyranny, and War on Terror aside, the U.S. minus our political agendas did send brave men and women to a place, and we have helped them forward their struggle for independence, freedom, and liberty. It won't match the U.S. right away, but maybe one day. We can dream can't we? Isn't that the point, that we try and make a better life for our future generations?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Iraqi Voting...

We needed to say something about Iraqi voting.
I couldn't have made a better post than:
Michelle Malking - Iraqi Voting