Saturday, January 15, 2005

"Don't Wanna be like Mike."

Michael Moore recently was up for entering his "High School Hall of Fame" but was REJECTED for a 4th TIME!

The folks in the article say: "Would you want him as a role model? Would you want your son or daughter to be like him?" asked Don Hammond, a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee. "I haven't talked to anybody yet who's for him. The word to describe Michael Moore is embarrassing. He embarrasses everybody."

Where I come from it's 3 strikes you're out but not this guy, he keeps coming back for Moore.

The funny thing is, there is a kid, my age, spending his own money to get Mr. Moore into this prestigious institution of fame. Which is kind of scary and a little pathetic. We are not talking about a national hero. I think I'll save my money for Law School.

Moore Below....

Ryan Eashoo, 25, says "We've been blacklisted." We who? Liberals? Or just plain dumb people. I know plenty of liberals I respect. In fact, I respect most people. Michael Moore doesn't make my list though. So who is we? Ryan decided to have a little "" to whine about this some more.

Ryan appears to be a little "fruity though" a simple Google of him pops up some weird stuff:
Exotic Fruits
Failed County Commission Seat

In general this kid talks the "talk" but does not walk the "walk." I am all for getting politically involved. But to stake your reputation and place it behind Michael Moore, now that's kinda scary.

Friday, January 14, 2005


I am all about being fair.
Well at least I am most of the time.

Jeff, from has been writing about us for some time. Now, most of it has not been very nice, but for the most part he is honest and somewhat fair. He also hotlinks our site on his, whenever he mentions us. He did this most recently in something he calls "Cross Fire."

It was quite funny, and I guess you would have to appreciate "dead pan" humor to really enjoy this little Blog banter.

In other things, Jeff and I can at least agree on our Mac's, if we can't agree on politics. We also both definitely agree that this Little Apple is a Jewel.

Count Me: Red or Blue?

We all know about the Livestrong campaign. But how about wearing RED or BLUE? The Count Me RED and The Count Me BLUE campaign has begun.

Yahoo talks about it here: Count Me a Color

Commentary below, behind the link as per usual.

I have really no problem with this. I think it's a little behind the times, but it all stems from the same family, and part of the money is going to a good cause. I would just like to suggest that everyone visit the RED site... just for good measure :)

Fun Czar??

Harvard. Yes, THE Harvard, has done something that only those Cambridge Geniuses themselves could come up with. They analyzed their student body, and realized that everyone there spent so much time in High School preparing to get into Harvard, they never learned how to have fun. So, they went and hired a "FUN CZAR."

This is what I want to know... WHO pays for this? I wonder if Alumni and Students should take some other suggestions offered here by Collegiate Network members.

Commentary below... behind the **Click here** link.

My Question is this: What does Harvard need a fun Czar for? Most Universities would use this as a marketing scheme, but the most famous University in the world probably doesn't need that? Or is it simply a gimmick for a more diverse student body? Either way, Harvard does not need a Fun Czar, nor does any OTHER University.

It does lead to some questions though. Like, What other Universities will be dumb enough to try this? Wayne State is trying to promote a campus life, PLEASE don't tell me Dr. Reid is pondering this? What advantage does a "Fun Czar" give to a University? How does this promote critical thinking? And once again, WHO PAYS FOR THIS?

Problems like this occur when those in the ACADEMY try to think outside of their little BOX, aka their profession, and then they come up with stupid ideas like this. If we wanted stupid ideas, we could have our Student Council come up with something. They are good at that sort of thing. Plus, if whatever they came up with WORKED, they could quickly vote to ban it. (Click here for obscure reference.)

The long and short of this whole situation is this: Universities need to go back to doing the one thing they are good at: teaching students how to think. Not what to think, or how to party, but HOW TO THINK. But then again... what fun would that be?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dooced! ... ??

One of my favorite new pastimes is this blog. It's day 2 of classes and I'm slightly behind in my reading. (250 pages my first night) Many say my lax reading is due to this blog.

Well Ambra Nykol has a lot more to worry about. She was FIRED for things she wrote in her online blog. This scares me a little, since the Wayne Review Print edition already gets us in a world of trouble. Let's hope this does not force me to transfer to the University of Phoenix Online!

More Behind the link below.
What scares me about this situation, is that what you write online is taken as the 100% truth. In court, an online BLOG would be "hear say" would it not? Why then should people be allowed to do such things?

In the same line of thinking, after reading Ambra's link to another story of a similar nature, that person was subject to a "whistleblower." That would be like someone emailing Wayne State University a link to this BLOG (BTW- PLEASE DO.) and having them kick me out of school for something. When in all reality this could be a set up BLOG by enemies of myself.

The INTERNET that was created so graciously by Al Gore is becoming somewhat of a scary place. Businesses and people are setting themselves up, and I'm not talking about the bloggers. Wait until someone is fired for a blog, and the company finds out they fired a person, when in fact that BLOG was a scam and plot to get that person fired. THEN WHAT?

This is the problem with social questions like this. In today's world where relativism rules, we no longer start from the basic "Right or Wrong Premise." We have abandoned "Right and Wrong" and now go to something else. Some say its litigation. Will this get me Sued? Yes or No? This is a dangerous game we are playing.

We should look at it like this. Did Ambra say anything in her journal? Maybe, maybe not? Should her boss fire her for that reason? No. Unless it was corporate secrets or against some written contractual agreement, no. Sure it might be at will employment, but for the love of all that's good, why is the First Amendment so Arbitrary nowadays?

More Coverage of this Story: (Click on these links)

Michelle Malkin's Take
Sound Politics has one too.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Econ 101

Student Council has voted to ensure that they waste as much of our money as possible. The South End reported today, on a decision by Student Council to "ban live animals at Wayne State Sponsored events."Student Council Bans Live Animals
The way that they did this, and timing is beyond ironic and falls into the realm of stupid. I think the Student Council should take a basic Econ class and learn about supply and demand.

Read more below.....

The article states:
"Many students enjoyed the petting zoo, getting their picture taken with a monkey or a snake (South End, Dec. 10, 2004, "A walk on the wild side: The zoo comes to WSU"). But a couple of students, whose names the Student Council would not disclose, as well as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) complained about the treatment of the animals at the event."

A few students and PETA decide, "hey we don't want animals at WSU events!" WISH GRANTED.

There is one small bit of humor... or in our eyes tragedy. Student Council does not understand "Supply and Demand." This is clear from the South End piece when it reports:
"Sebastian said, "It would not hurt us for programming," but considering that the petting zoo was one of the best attended events the Program Board has ever put together, especially compared to sparsely attended events like a Recycled Percussion concert last year (The South End, Oct. 26, 2004, "Program board throws your money away, again.")."

You have an event and it is well attended, in fact a TOP attendance event, and you quickly vote to pass a resolution to ban events of a similar nature. Sounds good to be. Wonderful business practice. In fact, most companies scrap products that sell well. Not only that, but this isn't the first time that the Council is guilty of doing something where they obviously waste your money. TSE sites a previous article from earlier this year where an event, which did not have animals, performed badly. Actually, many of the events Student Council puts on, are poorly attended. Why then, would they ban the one thing that actually interested students, and may have actually been worth the money that was spent on it?

To answers to these questions and more... stayed tuned to the WROG and look for possible articles in the Next Wayne Review.

Monday, January 10, 2005

A New Year... A New Term... A New Quest.

Well the new term is upon us. There is much to be grateful for, and much to be saddened by.

The Wayne Review would just like to pass on good health and good fortune to all our readers. Put the WROG on your daily read list or Blog Roll, for as the new year is upon us, there will much to be writing about.