Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Papers Stolen.... AGAIN.

A good journalist checks two sources always.
Therefore I feel safe to inform our faithful readers that:

Papers have once again been trashed.

This is the 3rd time this year. 2nd time this issue.

WHERE IS OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH? The people on the left claim they are DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM? Where is our liberty? Our Freedom? Our FIRST AMENDMENT?!

Click the link below for a full acounting of vandalism to the WR in the past year.

--Vol.I iss. 2: An Entire Press Run (over 1500 papers taken) [April 2004]

--Vol.I iss. 2: Hate Speech Flyers hung on racks, and display case. We were called racist and threatened. [April 2004]

--PRE VOL. II: Our entire rack, taken from Manoogian. [Summer 2004]

--Vol.II iss.2: Papers from Old Main and State Hall. [Oct. 2004]

--Vol.II iss.3: 3 Racks of Papers stolen (Over 1000) from UGL, State and Old Main. Found in Trash outside UGL and other bins. [Dec. 2004]

--Vol. II iss.3: Flyers pasted throughout WSU mocking the Wayne Review and George Bush. [Dec. 2004]

--Vol. II iss.3: Papers trashed from the UGL again. [Dec. 21st 2004]


Would you like to buy some PoPCorn?

It is interesting how in America... we can have a situation where people see something but choose not to see it. The ACLU for example. This group esposes freedoms and liberties, yet at the same time destroys the ones they dont like. (Pretty much anything to do with traditional American Values.)

Well It looks as if a BoyScout troop may have used this to their advantage. Click on the link behind the link below to go to the full story.

When people see this sort of thing, the only thing I dont understand, is why there isnt more of an outcry against the ACLU? Who controls these people? They are here to serve us correct? Why cant the people simply rise up and rid the country of this parasite?

Oh the frustration. Next time you enjoy doing something, try and think of where the ACLU would fall on that issue. We came up with some examples. See behind the link below.

**Click Here For Story**

-Going to church? Well maybe they think you should pay a double road tax since you are doing something that benefits your own religious belief and not someone elses. Why should you get to ruin the roads for a religious purpose?

-Kids get charged with murder all the time, and serve time as an adult at ages below 17 and 18. So you know the first time one of these Teacher/Student relationships come up where the student WANTS to stay with the Teacher, the ACLU will use the sentencing argument in the case.

-The Ban of Religious TV and Radio information. What do I mean by information? Because much of the airwaves are controlled and subsidized by the government, you know the first chance the ACLU gets, it will push to eliminate any mention of God on TV or Radio... it has already happened a few times.

These are just a few guesses at what they might try next. Who knows... maybe it will be worse?

Monday, December 13, 2004

Two articles that raised my brow...

Target targets Salvation Army - As long as I know, Salvation Army has always been outside Target during the holy-days, and messing with tradition like that just ticks my face right off.

Catalogue for Philanthropy in the United States - I find it amusing that "Red" states, which are considered more rural and poor, give more of a percentage than "Blue" states, which are considered higher-class, do when it comes to charity and philanthropy.

-- M

Peterson: Death!

Scott Peterson has been recommended by the Jury to receive the Death Penalty. Let the debate on the ultimate conservative quandary begin.

Need a Special Christmas Gift?

Ok... Generally I wouldn't do something like this. But this one got to me. If you need a special gift... for someone, or just in general want to do something kind... read this story and donate to the fund at the bottom... Im sure they even need kind words and prayers. ::Click for Special Story::

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Parents Need a license.

Alright, normally I would let our litigious society sue themselves into the ground, but this story did me in:Wal-Mart Suit. The problem isn't so much that some family is looking to make a quick buck, but that they in fact think they have been wronged and believe they are "doing the right thing" and are "responsible parents." Parents, REALLY should be required to get licensed to have kids, simply so we can strip them of their license and give their children to deserving people...
The story here is simple. Parents bought a CD and their 13yr old daughter played it and heard a bad word. To them it is worth $75,000. Let me repeat, their daughter heard a bad word on a cd, they want a down payment on a house.

My professor swore, do I get a job in the Whitehouse? WHO are these people and why do all the idiots get to make money from suing companies?
Lets listen to the dad and see his mindset: "I don't want any other families to get this, expecting it to be clean. It needs to be removed from the shelves to prevent other children from hearing it," said plaintiff Trevin Skeens of Brownsville. (From yahoo.news)

Alright, so the parents bought the CD, didn't see the little sticker

Thursday, December 09, 2004

What minimum wage?

I am writing this post in response to an article that was in the South End today ::Click for Story:: regarding the minimum wage. Among other things, the author (not even from Wayne, I might add) promoted raising the minimum wage from 5.15 to 9.50, the Federal "poverty level." This article makes some wild claims without any math to back them up, so I will use math to counter the claims and discover the truth.

First, start with a small store with 3 employees who earn $6.00 an hour and work 32 hours a week. Each worker takes home $192 a week from this job. (I am ignoring taxes for simplicity's sake) Now the almighty and all knowing federal government steps in to protect us from ourselves once again and raises the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour (why not 9.25? Why not 9.75? Oh yeah, $9.50 is that magical "federal poverty level" standard) Before the wage was raised, the owner of the store paid $576 in wages each week. Now, if the owner kept the same number of workers working the same hours, he would have to pay $912 a week in wages. Since this is a small business, we will assume, like most small businesses, he didn't simply have the extra $336 a week sitting around not being used. If he did, he probably would have expanded his hours, expanded his business, etc. Therefore, he doesn't have the extra $336 a week to keep the employees working their old hours. He can do one of two things. He can either fire one employee and still pay slightly more than he did before the rise in the minimum wage, or he can cut each of the three employees from working 32 hours a week to 21 hours a week. Now the employees are not making 6.00 an hour for 32 hours, they are making 9.50 an hour for 21 hours. Guess what? Their wages a week at 21 hours a week at 9.50/hr. is a whole $7 more than it was at 6.00 an hour. Huge raise, huh? But just wait, it gets better. Either way, the owner has fewer employees working at any one time becuase he either fired one or cut all their hours. So the lines to wait will be longer. Customers will have to take more time waiting to be taken care of. They will get very annoyed with this and shop online instead, or go somewhere else. Now the owner is making less money, so he has less to pay his employees. Say he only has $500 instead of $576 a week. Now he has to cut their hours even more, since he cannot lower their wages. This will go on, and the owner will go out of business if he is forced to raise his prices to such an extent that people stop shopping there (very likely if the quality of service goes down as well).

That was a small store. Now lets look at a small business that makes, just for example, brass bolts. There is no need for highly paid skilled labor at this business, so the employees are paid $6.00 an hour, and there are 10 employees at the business. Each works for 40 hours a week. This means each employee earns $240 a week, and the owner pays $2400 a week in wages. Now the minimum wage is raised. At $9.50 an hour for 10 employees for 40 hours a week, the weekly wage for each is $380 a week and the owner pays $3800 a week. Again, we will assume the owner would have expanded his business if he had the extra money available before the wage was raised, so he now has to pay $1400 a week he doesn't have. He now gets to reduce the number of hours his employees work. They can either take a cut in hours to work only 25 hours a week, or the employer can fire 4 employees (or fire a lower number and reduce the remaining employees' hours). Now, either way, there are fewer employees at the business doing the work, so productivity is lowered. Gross production goes down, meaning gross income goes down, meaning less money is available to pay the employees, meaning another cut in hours is coming. Or lets say the owner raises prices instead. He raises prices such that he can support the 10 workers working 40 hours a week at $9.50 an hour. What happens now? Well, sales decrease to such a point that he begins loosing money again. Why? Because if before he was selling the nuts for $.85 when he could get $1.00 for them, he would have upped the price to increase his profits. Now he is forced to charge $1.00 for nuts that were $.85, and that means he is charging a price others were not willing to pay, so he will loose business and therefore money. These two examples are not even taking into account the ill effects caused by the suppliers of the store and the brass nut making business raising their prices, or decreasing their production (as they would have to do if the minimum wage were raised.)

Now the most obvious response to what I just said is "things won't go like that, they will stabilize." Well of course they will, but they will stabilize through inflation. The $4.35 increase proposed by the author of the article (re)published in the South End is an increase of 84.4%. This will cause drastic increases in prices at small stores and other places where employees are paid below this magic wage of $9.50. Food, clothing, gasoline, etc. will increase in cost. Assuming employers raise prices rather than cutting hours, this means a dollar doesn't buy what it used to. This is the essence of inflation. Things start to cost more, prices go up forcing everyone's wages to go up, until everything stabilized. At that point, those who were making $6.00 an hour are now making $9.50 an hour, but 9.50 can only buy what 6.00 used to. So what have we gained? Nothing, of course. We haven't "lifted" anyone out of poverty, we have just increased how many arbitrary units of measuring money (the dollar) are needed to reach the poverty level cut off. This is the essense of raising the minimum wage, and is the reason it is a pointless gesture. People don't think about things, which is why so many of them support this. They think "wow, the poor won't be poor anymore; we can kill poverty with one little law." They simply don't consider all the implications of doing this. That is what makes this proposal, like most other liberal policies, simply a feel-good, do-nothing stunt to gather votes.

Orange Revolution = Democracy.

The idea of Cold War and Motherland Russia seemed to be simply memories to some of us or simply historical writings in some textbook. Yet few of us would consider any remnants of the Cold War to be left over except for some buildings and symbols left scattered around central and eastern Europe.

Unfortunately this is not the case. The situation in the Ukraine has taken on a significance that far extends the limits of the one or two stories American journalist have given the situation. A peaceful Revolution, a democratic outcry, and a situation all to prevalent in newly democratic nations clashed last month, and the people demanded freedom, yet we continue instead, to receive a death count in Iraq, and stories of cabinet members fleeing the Bush Administration.

To read up on this situation two websites, both pro-Yuschenko and pro-revolution, are good at basic and somewhat inspirational accounts of the events. They also provide good links in English.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Papers Stolen.

Last night, Dec. 6th, an entire Rack of papers were stolen from the UGL. In their place was a flyer that depicted George W. Bush, with pictures of lynching below him.

This is the third time, that we know of, that we have had papers stolen. The first time was last year, and we also received a nice little message on that one.

What cracks me up is that the Left, the opposition to our paper and our philosophy, is supposed to be the big champions of FREE SPEECH AND EXPRESSION. Yet, why then, is our opposition squelching us?

You can read more at: http://www.isi.org/cn/

First Post.

This is the First Post of the WR Blog.

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We print monthly so sometimes it is difficult to stay "on top" of certain news items, and this is the perfect avenue for that.

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