Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Segway Scooters.

Alright, this entire post should be in capitals to emphasize my joy, but I was informed by the grammar police that I can no longer do that. I will also refrain from "type-speaking."

But Segway has launched its new line of scooters! I found this while browsing [WizBang!] blog. Kevin always has an interesting blog, and this definitely hit my interest. How does this affect you? Well it really doesn't. Considering most of the scooters cost more than a semester at Wayne, we aren't talking about Segway's target audience here.

I sort of like the Golf version though. Being a golfer, I have always wanted an individual mode of transport on some of the "Cart Required" courses. This may be a market that the company is trying to break into, considering how Kevin explains that they have had poor sales since their introduction.

On a side note, while in D.C. last month, I went to a newly opened Segway showroom at the mall in Georgetown. The things are quite cool, just a little out of my price range.

Some people seem to think that this a Photshop deal, but I went to the Segway site and confirmed that they are indeed the new models.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why can't we file suit against IDIOTS?!

All right, seriously, I think that Armageddon is upon us. I found this story, linked from Drudge... "Garage Jumping."

So pretty much a bunch of genius kids decide to thrill seek by jumping from parking structure to parking structure. A kid falls 6 stories, and sues the city and the owner of the parking company for not putting up fences to keep him from jumping. Shouldn't he throw God in the suit to and file suit for the whole GRAVITY THING?

More below..

Alright, here is the part that kills me: the News station is writing its story from the view that the city IS AT FAULT. Look at the words they use:
-"There are no safety fences in place on the parking garage."
-"... making little effort to correct a potential deadly risk."
-"refused to comment about their responsibility"

Since Bargfrede fell, the City of Orlando erected a partial fence but there's still room for someone to take a dangerous dive."
So this whole thing is from a segment or series called "PROBLEM SOLVERS." Their lead title is "GARAGE JUMPERS."

The problem is not that someone was hurt but instead that this can take place or does take place really.
SHOULDN'T the problem be that people do it and then file SUIT?!? Shouldn't the rest of the city be PISSED that tax dollars, time, money, and resources are going to be spent to prevent and pay for kids jumping gaps where they can fall 6 stories?!?! Ok I know there are plenty of other instances of more insane suits filed than this, but this is one example. I mean, they are mad because the city offers parking and yet they don't build fences with tax dollars to keep their KIDS from jumping across them.

I wonder if they can throw the suit out because the boys didn't pay to enter the structure. Wouldn't that be a doozey. Sorry, case dismissed you didn't pay entrance therefore you can't claim damages because you were trespassers.
Hot Coffee? WHAT? High Parking Garages that hurt when you fall from them? WHAT?
I wonder if I can file suit against a city if while Car Surfing??

The idiocy of some people... and the people that support them... Sometimes I wonder why God doesn't just hit "Force Quit" on some people... (For you windows users that would be Ctrl-Alt-Delete.)