Monday, May 09, 2005

Fast Food Lunacy: Part 2

A few weeks ago we reported on the "Fast Food" tax that "America's First Hip-Hop Mayor" was proposing.

We thought that such an idiotic idea would soon fizzle into oblivion, especially before anyone outside of Michigan would discover our lunacy.

I mean what message are we sending, Granholm wants a 2.3% tax on physician revenue and Kwame wants the "Fast Food Tax."

Unfortunately a few people have noticed:
Business Week
Et Al... (The list goes on...and on...and on...)

Analysis Below...

With taxes that hurt Detroit, Michigan's major city, and with the Governor proposing a tax on Doctors, is it really a wonder why we are the worst performing state when it comes to jobs?

It's not always one specific policy or program that hurts or helps a state, but the mentality of the leadership. When you have arguably the two most powerful people in the state leading in the manner these two are, it is a clear formula for failure. Why is fast food being taxed? Because, like other "Sin" products, if anyone argues why, an easy counter-argument is, "Because it is unhealthy." In other words, you should pay to "hurt yourself." Add to that, the idea that obesity contributes to higher health care costs, and you have a foolproof plan for insta-tax.

Yet, why should we allow our Government to tax something twice, especially when it is an essential product in our lives. Our sales tax already taxes "prepared" foods, therefore there will actually be an 8% tax on fast food.

The big question is, what will constitute fast food? Will it be certain franchises? Or certain ways of preparation? Will Coney Island's count as fast food? How about vendors? What about vendors inside the event complexes inside Detroit? Or will there be the ever famous "exemptions" which come into play? Don't put the tax inside these venues becaus

Why Do the Dem's Keep Losing?

There are a lot of explanations as to why the Dem's continue to lose elections, so here's one evidence file:

Evidence File: Michelle Malkin on Hugh Hewitt

Evidence Against:
Sen. Reid - Nev. (D)
Sen. Ken Salazaar - Colo. (D)
Sen. Charles Schumer - NY (D)

Oh wait.. I forgot... the reason they keep losing is because JESUSLAND invades the US of Canada... and over-takes the polling locations in a CRUSADE.

Silly me.

More Evidence....

I have received some criticism for my, "Make South Korea An Island" post...

I understand that obliterating North Korea with a bunch of Nuclear weapons won't solve anything...


...Will It?

Sondra K. has some more evidence to support my idea: Exhibit "B"

Ok... Seriously... I know there are some pacifist out there, but - what reason do we have to deal, plead, beg, and cajole North Korea much longer? Should we wait for them to build weapons and strike before we act? Did Pearl Harbor teach us nothing?

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