Thursday, December 09, 2004

Orange Revolution = Democracy.

The idea of Cold War and Motherland Russia seemed to be simply memories to some of us or simply historical writings in some textbook. Yet few of us would consider any remnants of the Cold War to be left over except for some buildings and symbols left scattered around central and eastern Europe.

Unfortunately this is not the case. The situation in the Ukraine has taken on a significance that far extends the limits of the one or two stories American journalist have given the situation. A peaceful Revolution, a democratic outcry, and a situation all to prevalent in newly democratic nations clashed last month, and the people demanded freedom, yet we continue instead, to receive a death count in Iraq, and stories of cabinet members fleeing the Bush Administration.

To read up on this situation two websites, both pro-Yuschenko and pro-revolution, are good at basic and somewhat inspirational accounts of the events. They also provide good links in English.

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