Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Super Size My Tax??

America's "First HIP-HOP Mayor" is sparking more controversy. During a speech today he slipped in a comment or two about the ever controversial "Fast Food Tax."

This has been floating around since January, and the idea is to put a 2% tax onto all fast food purchases.

The obvious implications of this are stunning and horrifying enough... but supposedly there is an even deeper and more vile situation which runs in the shadows. Allegedly the reasons behind the tax, which is coupled with a new property sales tax, are that the city is looking for new revenue sources to fund the newly proposed budget. This is a budget that was supposed to have cut-backs and eliminations within it, to fit into the current city income structure.

Why does the city need more revenue if it is proposing a reduced budget that is supposedly lower and leaner than previous ones? Why are there new revenue sources proposed? We aren't 100% sure, because the City has been vague on this.

More analysis to come after Kwame answers press questions on this tomorrow...

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