Monday, April 18, 2005

Voting 4 Change

Student Council elections are sometimes lost in the fray. They are pushed to the back burner of not only local politics, but school politics as well. This is somewhat unfortunate, considering the amount of control and influence a council has over the University activities during a school year.

Vote 4 Change, won a landslide victory in the recent Wayne State elections. Their slate, although only 10 strong, was able to get all of its members elected. This, in spite of attacks from other candidates and groups, is a GREAT victory for WSU Students. We want to congratulate the V4C crew on a hard fought and worked campaign, and look forward to the good things to come.

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For the past few years, the Student Council has been run and ruled by the same type of mentality: "Cater to the needs of friends and special interests." For a school that is so rooted in liberal ideology and mind-set, it is disconcerting to think and see how lopsided and intolerant the Student Councils of past have been.

The Vote 4 Change slate hopefully will change this. Looking back, the past 3 years have been pretty much the same old thing year after year. Now though, V4C has brought diversity, of the right definition, to the University community. If you look at the make-up of the V4C slate you will find a diversity unmatched in recent years by any council. Regardless of how you categorize this slate, they are diverse top to bottom. Everything from liberals, conservatives, Greeks, ethnicity, religion, major, student groups, class, residence, etc... they are different.

WSU has been needing this for a long time. Monochrome councils do not serve the school, regardless of hue. This applies not only to race but "hue of thought" as well. I do not think, nor would I support, a completely Conservative minded slate. I think that there needs to be a representation of all ideas on campus and on the council.

We have an amazing Dean of Students, who is willing to allow all students the opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts, in legitimate manners, on campus. The Student Council should be in the same mind-set, not only in allowing events to occur, but actively seeking them and promoting them. V4C will hopefully be that type of council.

Leading up to the elections, The Wayne Review, College Republicans, and Students for Life, had all either officially endorsed Vote 4 Change, or at least supported them in their campaign. Although there was no way to officially announce this, several members of the slate appreciated our support even if they were not of the same political and social persuasion.

The Wayne Review and myself, would like to wish the Vote 4 Change good luck in the coming school year, and hope that they hold firm to their promises and their platform of changing the way things operate around Wayne State. In a time where there is such a push for an active and vibrant campus life, this slate could be and should be the one to really bring that to fruition.

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