Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Segway Scooters.

Alright, this entire post should be in capitals to emphasize my joy, but I was informed by the grammar police that I can no longer do that. I will also refrain from "type-speaking."

But Segway has launched its new line of scooters! I found this while browsing [WizBang!] blog. Kevin always has an interesting blog, and this definitely hit my interest. How does this affect you? Well it really doesn't. Considering most of the scooters cost more than a semester at Wayne, we aren't talking about Segway's target audience here.

I sort of like the Golf version though. Being a golfer, I have always wanted an individual mode of transport on some of the "Cart Required" courses. This may be a market that the company is trying to break into, considering how Kevin explains that they have had poor sales since their introduction.

On a side note, while in D.C. last month, I went to a newly opened Segway showroom at the mall in Georgetown. The things are quite cool, just a little out of my price range.

Some people seem to think that this a Photshop deal, but I went to the Segway site and confirmed that they are indeed the new models.

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