Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Papers Stolen.... AGAIN.

A good journalist checks two sources always.
Therefore I feel safe to inform our faithful readers that:

Papers have once again been trashed.

This is the 3rd time this year. 2nd time this issue.

WHERE IS OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH? The people on the left claim they are DEFENDERS OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM? Where is our liberty? Our Freedom? Our FIRST AMENDMENT?!

Click the link below for a full acounting of vandalism to the WR in the past year.

--Vol.I iss. 2: An Entire Press Run (over 1500 papers taken) [April 2004]

--Vol.I iss. 2: Hate Speech Flyers hung on racks, and display case. We were called racist and threatened. [April 2004]

--PRE VOL. II: Our entire rack, taken from Manoogian. [Summer 2004]

--Vol.II iss.2: Papers from Old Main and State Hall. [Oct. 2004]

--Vol.II iss.3: 3 Racks of Papers stolen (Over 1000) from UGL, State and Old Main. Found in Trash outside UGL and other bins. [Dec. 2004]

--Vol. II iss.3: Flyers pasted throughout WSU mocking the Wayne Review and George Bush. [Dec. 2004]

--Vol. II iss.3: Papers trashed from the UGL again. [Dec. 21st 2004]


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