Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Would you like to buy some PoPCorn?

It is interesting how in America... we can have a situation where people see something but choose not to see it. The ACLU for example. This group esposes freedoms and liberties, yet at the same time destroys the ones they dont like. (Pretty much anything to do with traditional American Values.)

Well It looks as if a BoyScout troop may have used this to their advantage. Click on the link behind the link below to go to the full story.

When people see this sort of thing, the only thing I dont understand, is why there isnt more of an outcry against the ACLU? Who controls these people? They are here to serve us correct? Why cant the people simply rise up and rid the country of this parasite?

Oh the frustration. Next time you enjoy doing something, try and think of where the ACLU would fall on that issue. We came up with some examples. See behind the link below.

**Click Here For Story**

-Going to church? Well maybe they think you should pay a double road tax since you are doing something that benefits your own religious belief and not someone elses. Why should you get to ruin the roads for a religious purpose?

-Kids get charged with murder all the time, and serve time as an adult at ages below 17 and 18. So you know the first time one of these Teacher/Student relationships come up where the student WANTS to stay with the Teacher, the ACLU will use the sentencing argument in the case.

-The Ban of Religious TV and Radio information. What do I mean by information? Because much of the airwaves are controlled and subsidized by the government, you know the first chance the ACLU gets, it will push to eliminate any mention of God on TV or Radio... it has already happened a few times.

These are just a few guesses at what they might try next. Who knows... maybe it will be worse?

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