Saturday, January 22, 2005

Inauguration PT. 1

Well if you have picked up a "South End" at all on Thursday or Friday, you would notice the obvious bias in it. Check out these links, as they are the ONLY links that report on anything to do with the Swearing in of the President of the United States.

Europe's Take (Like we Care?)
A News Story (Looks More Like Opinion To Me)

Now the funny thing about both of these stories is that they are in the NATION/WORLD section of TSE. Not the "Voice" section which is generally the Op-Ed portion of the paper.

Now where was the coverage of anything else? How about the fact that while we were attacked on 9/11 we still went to the precincts without anything happening, and the Inauguration likewise. YET... in the same city.... on the same day, there were POLICE CHECKPOINTS at Iraqi voting places in America. That is a statement on the Freedom and the ideologies of the people.

Freedom, Peace, and Liberty do conquer tyranny, despotism, and hate.

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