Saturday, January 15, 2005

"Don't Wanna be like Mike."

Michael Moore recently was up for entering his "High School Hall of Fame" but was REJECTED for a 4th TIME!

The folks in the article say: "Would you want him as a role model? Would you want your son or daughter to be like him?" asked Don Hammond, a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee. "I haven't talked to anybody yet who's for him. The word to describe Michael Moore is embarrassing. He embarrasses everybody."

Where I come from it's 3 strikes you're out but not this guy, he keeps coming back for Moore.

The funny thing is, there is a kid, my age, spending his own money to get Mr. Moore into this prestigious institution of fame. Which is kind of scary and a little pathetic. We are not talking about a national hero. I think I'll save my money for Law School.

Moore Below....

Ryan Eashoo, 25, says "We've been blacklisted." We who? Liberals? Or just plain dumb people. I know plenty of liberals I respect. In fact, I respect most people. Michael Moore doesn't make my list though. So who is we? Ryan decided to have a little "" to whine about this some more.

Ryan appears to be a little "fruity though" a simple Google of him pops up some weird stuff:
Exotic Fruits
Failed County Commission Seat

In general this kid talks the "talk" but does not walk the "walk." I am all for getting politically involved. But to stake your reputation and place it behind Michael Moore, now that's kinda scary.

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