Monday, January 31, 2005

NO RESPECT! (Dangerfield Style.)

I was thinking about the Iraqi elections.

Lots of people said we shouldn't be in Iraq. Their reasons varied. One strong argument MANY made, now I am sure many will claim they never used this argument, is that the people did not want us there and that we were evil occupiers.

I guess almost 8 Million people are wrong. They just figured maybe if they vote we will leave?

Anyways, the funniest thing I've seen so far has been on WIZBANG!

"We're Sorry!"

More behind the cut below...

I think this satire sums it up. There are and were a lot of people that didn't support this election process. Sure Iraq isn't "POOF!" a magical democracy or republic. We aren't talking Club Med. But WMD's, suppression of tyranny, and War on Terror aside, the U.S. minus our political agendas did send brave men and women to a place, and we have helped them forward their struggle for independence, freedom, and liberty. It won't match the U.S. right away, but maybe one day. We can dream can't we? Isn't that the point, that we try and make a better life for our future generations?

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