Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Lights OUT Hockeytown!

Well, it is official. The NHL season has been cancelled by Communist Party Leader Gary Bettman. After several concessions by the NHLPA, the league (Read: upper echelon of the NHL) were unable to understand economics well enough to strike a deal. This was a clash between philosophical takes on economic markets. Unfortunately for now, we as fans lose, the players lose, and the owners lose. Read more below...

What has been lost in all of this "LOCK-OUT" talk, is that many of the owners are at odds with the whole situation. There are a few teams, teams that run their business well, that did not want this lock-out or much of a structure change. The players, they simply want their fair share. Sure you can call them greedy, and yes many of them make more than you or I put together, but that is not the point.

Generally I am not a union person, but in this situation, it is not a typical union situation. In fact, it is reversed. The union is asking to keep a free market free, while the league is looking for a more pluralistic or egalitarian (if you will) market. Gary Bettman simply screwed up a long time ago, and now that the league is in a whole, or should I say, part of the league, he is trying to use this lock-out to strong arm the players to fix his damage. Luckily the players have someone like Mr. Goodenow to protect their interests and their fair share at a free and open market.

It's just sad that it had to come to this...

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