Monday, March 21, 2005

To our Readers...

I want to write a note concerning our lack of publishing.

We have had some internal issues that have created a little bit of chaos within the ranks of the Wayne Review.

We apologize to our supporters, readers, and contributors who look for us each month. We know that many of you looked for an issue at the end of February and failed to find one.

A number of things have contributed to the reasons behind why we didn't print an issue. We had one ready to print, and unfortunately could not do so.

We are planning to print the remaining of the year on a somewhat normalized schedule. Meaning you can expect 2 more issues hopefully.

Because we are self supported and funding is a primary concern, we sometimes face situations that back us into a corner. I hope that this does not discourage those who support us, because we will take this in step and continue to fight forward.

Thank you, and I speak for the entire staff of the Review in saying we appreciate your readership and support.

-Joe Koss

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