Thursday, April 28, 2005


On Channel 4 in Detroit tonight, they highlighted the recent Michigan MEAP results.

The story, in summary, went as such:

-The MEAP scores were drastically low this year.
-Therefore State officials think it may have been made TOO HARD

HERE COMES THE DOOZEY (technical term):
-Officials are going to meet to determine how to RE-SCORE the tests.

Here is the translation of the above:

-Michigan Schools are performing just like the state economy: they are getting worse everyday.
-The test is obviously made the same way each year, but if they say it was made too hard this year it is a GREAT EXCUSE for the poor results.
-RE-Scoring the test is like applying a curve... even though many did horrible, they have to make it look like some kids did well, otherwise parents might start blaming the REAL PROBLEM... the administrators of the schools.


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