Sunday, May 01, 2005

Left Loves Free Speech...?

Once again, theft is the issue of the day for the Review.

In the past we have dealt with various theft of our property: Papers Stolen

The bad news is, we have begun to run out of stuff to steal.

Our latest issue hit racks last week, well the few racks we had left. We were down to 2 racks, with all others being stolen throughout the year. We now only have one left, in OLD MAIN. The current theft occurred from the UGL. The entire rack was taken... in order to.... well we aren't quite sure.

We see now that the left will stop at nothing to stop our ideas from getting out there. Sure, I don't believe that there is one giant coordinated conspiracy against us, but I think the mentality is a single strain that runs in the minds of all of our detractors.

With nothing left to steal, aside from the papers, we will have to wait and see what the new type of attacks will be.

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