Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Support Our Troops - Wear Red on Fridays

I was scanning some news sites and came across this article: Wear Red on Fridays

While reading the article a few things came across my mind:

-Why isn't there more of a show of solidarity in this country for the troops? Sure, you can be opposed to the idea of war, and this war, but support the troops please.

-Why do stories like this: "Homecoming Sign Removed" happen more than the one above?

-"We cannot let people just stick signs up," LePera said. "The city would look like a mess."

-LePera said the family might have been able to get special permission to place the sign in a specific area had they contacted the code compliance office.

So in other words: If you want to support troops don't expect students, cities, or officials to support your efforts. You must work through the bureaucracy of getting things "OK'ed" by people whom are paid by your tax dollars and protected by your friends and family overseas. The land that you CAN'T put said support and signs on is public, but that doesn't mean you have right or access to it without permission.


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