Thursday, January 13, 2005

Dooced! ... ??

One of my favorite new pastimes is this blog. It's day 2 of classes and I'm slightly behind in my reading. (250 pages my first night) Many say my lax reading is due to this blog.

Well Ambra Nykol has a lot more to worry about. She was FIRED for things she wrote in her online blog. This scares me a little, since the Wayne Review Print edition already gets us in a world of trouble. Let's hope this does not force me to transfer to the University of Phoenix Online!

More Behind the link below.
What scares me about this situation, is that what you write online is taken as the 100% truth. In court, an online BLOG would be "hear say" would it not? Why then should people be allowed to do such things?

In the same line of thinking, after reading Ambra's link to another story of a similar nature, that person was subject to a "whistleblower." That would be like someone emailing Wayne State University a link to this BLOG (BTW- PLEASE DO.) and having them kick me out of school for something. When in all reality this could be a set up BLOG by enemies of myself.

The INTERNET that was created so graciously by Al Gore is becoming somewhat of a scary place. Businesses and people are setting themselves up, and I'm not talking about the bloggers. Wait until someone is fired for a blog, and the company finds out they fired a person, when in fact that BLOG was a scam and plot to get that person fired. THEN WHAT?

This is the problem with social questions like this. In today's world where relativism rules, we no longer start from the basic "Right or Wrong Premise." We have abandoned "Right and Wrong" and now go to something else. Some say its litigation. Will this get me Sued? Yes or No? This is a dangerous game we are playing.

We should look at it like this. Did Ambra say anything in her journal? Maybe, maybe not? Should her boss fire her for that reason? No. Unless it was corporate secrets or against some written contractual agreement, no. Sure it might be at will employment, but for the love of all that's good, why is the First Amendment so Arbitrary nowadays?

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