Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Econ 101

Student Council has voted to ensure that they waste as much of our money as possible. The South End reported today, on a decision by Student Council to "ban live animals at Wayne State Sponsored events."Student Council Bans Live Animals
The way that they did this, and timing is beyond ironic and falls into the realm of stupid. I think the Student Council should take a basic Econ class and learn about supply and demand.

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The article states:
"Many students enjoyed the petting zoo, getting their picture taken with a monkey or a snake (South End, Dec. 10, 2004, "A walk on the wild side: The zoo comes to WSU"). But a couple of students, whose names the Student Council would not disclose, as well as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) complained about the treatment of the animals at the event."

A few students and PETA decide, "hey we don't want animals at WSU events!" WISH GRANTED.

There is one small bit of humor... or in our eyes tragedy. Student Council does not understand "Supply and Demand." This is clear from the South End piece when it reports:
"Sebastian said, "It would not hurt us for programming," but considering that the petting zoo was one of the best attended events the Program Board has ever put together, especially compared to sparsely attended events like a Recycled Percussion concert last year (The South End, Oct. 26, 2004, "Program board throws your money away, again.")."

You have an event and it is well attended, in fact a TOP attendance event, and you quickly vote to pass a resolution to ban events of a similar nature. Sounds good to be. Wonderful business practice. In fact, most companies scrap products that sell well. Not only that, but this isn't the first time that the Council is guilty of doing something where they obviously waste your money. TSE sites a previous article from earlier this year where an event, which did not have animals, performed badly. Actually, many of the events Student Council puts on, are poorly attended. Why then, would they ban the one thing that actually interested students, and may have actually been worth the money that was spent on it?

To answers to these questions and more... stayed tuned to the WROG and look for possible articles in the Next Wayne Review.

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B. Hoffman said...

A poem that the Southend brought to my mind.

The Gentle Anarchist
by James Stephens

I am a gentle Anarchist,
I couldn't kick a dog,
Nor ever would for sport assist
To pelt the helpless frog.
I'd shoot a Czar, or wreck a train,
Blow Parliament sky-high,
But none could call me inhumane;
I wouldn't hurt a fly,
And why indeed should I?
It has neither land nor pelf
That I covet for myself,
Then wherefore should I hurt a fly?

I am a gentle Anarchist,
I live on herbs and fruits;
It don't become a communist
To eat his fellow-brutes.
I'd fire a town, upset a State,
Make countless widows weep,
Yet I am so compassionate
I wouldn't kill a sheep.
I wouldn't hurt a fly;
And why indeed should I?
If it doesn't interfere
With my personal career,
Why the dickens should I hurt a fly?

I'm such a gentle Anarchist
I hate all hunting men;
I couldn't hook a fish, or twist
The neck of cock or hen.
I'd level gaols, let scoundrels loose,
Blow priests and churches up -
But, oh, my pity's so profuse
I couldn't drown a pup.
I wouldn't hurt a fly;
And why indeed should I?
Unless, that is to say,
I found it in my way,
And then it's all up with the fly.