Friday, January 14, 2005

Fun Czar??

Harvard. Yes, THE Harvard, has done something that only those Cambridge Geniuses themselves could come up with. They analyzed their student body, and realized that everyone there spent so much time in High School preparing to get into Harvard, they never learned how to have fun. So, they went and hired a "FUN CZAR."

This is what I want to know... WHO pays for this? I wonder if Alumni and Students should take some other suggestions offered here by Collegiate Network members.

Commentary below... behind the **Click here** link.

My Question is this: What does Harvard need a fun Czar for? Most Universities would use this as a marketing scheme, but the most famous University in the world probably doesn't need that? Or is it simply a gimmick for a more diverse student body? Either way, Harvard does not need a Fun Czar, nor does any OTHER University.

It does lead to some questions though. Like, What other Universities will be dumb enough to try this? Wayne State is trying to promote a campus life, PLEASE don't tell me Dr. Reid is pondering this? What advantage does a "Fun Czar" give to a University? How does this promote critical thinking? And once again, WHO PAYS FOR THIS?

Problems like this occur when those in the ACADEMY try to think outside of their little BOX, aka their profession, and then they come up with stupid ideas like this. If we wanted stupid ideas, we could have our Student Council come up with something. They are good at that sort of thing. Plus, if whatever they came up with WORKED, they could quickly vote to ban it. (Click here for obscure reference.)

The long and short of this whole situation is this: Universities need to go back to doing the one thing they are good at: teaching students how to think. Not what to think, or how to party, but HOW TO THINK. But then again... what fun would that be?

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